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    • Guidance for School Bus Operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic
      Transport Canada has recently released guidelines and recommendations for the safe operation of School Busses during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  This document shares some interesting insights that International Schools who are operating a School Bus Service may want to consider.  The document addresses things to consider before, during and after a trip.

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    • Safe School Bus Operations - A Round Table Discussion
      By invitation - A Round Table Discussion for International Schools offering transportation services who want to learn from other schools around the world as to best practices for operating a safe and efficient transportation service during Covid-19.
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    • The Change Management journey of reopening the Taipei European School
      The Taipei European School closed for the Chinese New Year (January 24th-29th) but did not reopen until February 25th due to COVID-19. The school closed again March 23rd due to concerns about the Coronavirus and reopened again April 20th. Since then the school has remained opened. The one certainty this virus has brought is the need for ongoing change. This can be one of the most difficult challenges schools have ever faced. 

      Kerry Nockolds, Director of Admissions and Marketing at Taipei European School, and Greg Varner, Director of Together School, provided insights on how to successfully navigate through change.

      See Post for details.
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    • Dealing with Anxiety
      Due to the many new processes and procedures schools are implementing, those that are returning to the school may feel anxious or uncomfortable. Lessons learned from some schools that have reopened include experiences from students and staff as well as approaches to support. See Post for full details.
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    • Budget Challenges and Suggestions to Manage
      Schools that are reopening have provided some insights to manage rising costs. Fixed budgets are now stressed due to the many changes schools must implement such as Room to Zoom implementation, social distancing and health and hygiene requirements. Lessons learned from these schools include the key cost challenges and suggestions on how to mitigate rising costs. See post for full details.
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    • COVID-19 playlist - #physed activities that can be used with distancing/sanitizing measures in place (for full groups, small groups, gym use, etc). Plan ahead for what fall might bring, or use now over summer #education if needed.


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      • Use PE teachers are counsellors to provide health and wellbeing now more than ever to help students manage the emotional challenges faced during this crisis
      • Use the school nurse to educate the class on how the virus can be transferred from one person to the next
      • Different points of view on how to communicate within the community exist, however effective communication should follow a process to ensure consistent and clear communication.
      • Communicate with parents and students
        • important details to parents and students so they know what is expected such as no PE kit and bring own water bottles
        • regarding things the school is doing so parents are aware, engaged and ultimately confident that they are receiving value.
        • about school rules and regulations as they may receive different communication from other sources about their local club, sports facilities, and friends from other schools
      • Use an app to communicate and follow up with students. 
      • Review what is available – resources, equipment, time, etc.
      • Align with leadership and find an implementation option
      • Do what you can with what you have – get ideas from the students
      • Must have the mindset that things need to change
      • To help prepare for when you may be forced to change group sports such as contact sports, sports using common equipment, sports with social distancing.  This will allow you to focus on certain sports and be ready when change is required.
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